Apollo – Nanolambda – Bill Choi – for Best Technology Innovation for Rapid Social Change

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Silicon Valley Conference 2012 – Starting small

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SVC 2012: Silicon Valley Award Winners:

SVC 2012: Silicon Valley Award Winners:

Congratulations to all nominees.

Best Technology Innovation for Rapid Social Change Best Technology Innovation for the Future
http://www.nanolambda.net   apollo http://www.nanolambda.net   apollo    
Best of World Developer Challenge Best Technology Innovation for Clean Transit
Paras Wadehra -SketchPad – WP7
www.windowsphone.com http://www.rynomotors.com  RYNO single wheel Micro-Cycle
Best of SVC World Start-up Challenge Best Technology Innovation in Audio
http://www.ibuildapp.com   iBuildApp  http://www.sonicemotion.com  Onkyo/ Sonic Emotion (Absolute 3D)
Best Technology Innovation in Security  Best Technology Innovation in Mobile 
http://www.bitzermobile.com  Bitzer Mobile http://www.touchcode.com; http://www.printechnologics.om  “Touchcode by Printechnologics 
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Logo Silicon Valley Conference

 All Technology Innovators:

The first annual Silicon Valley Conference and Awards 2012 to be held on Oct 31 and Nov 1st, 2012.

The Silicon Valley Innovation Conference, Awards and Expo (www.svconference.com) is a mission to bring together the innovators, entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley and the World , annually in Silicon Valley to celebrate the technology revolution it has created in the past 30 years, from the HP garage to transistors, silicon chips, personal computers, internet, email, e-commerce and payments, digital media, websites and portals, wireless, broadband, search engine, social networking , mobile devices and till today’s google glass and everything in between.  Find more information on our website.

Silicon Valley Innovation Awards is to honor the World’s best Visionaries , Products and Services for technology innovations on a World stage at Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley Innovation Awards – Nomination   *** Very few nominations received so far.  Great chance to win. 

 Timeline :

  • Early Submissions end date: August 31     Fee: US$ 20 (nominal processing fee and spam filter)
  • Late Submissions end date: October 10  Fee: US$ 20/-
  • .When: Start: July 20th.  End: October 10th. Winners Announced on  Nov 1st at Silicon Valley Awards Ceremony
  • .Where: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California, USA

Silicon Valley Innovation Awards  categories :

Legendary Award, Best Global Economy Solution,
Vision of the Future, Green Earth , Third eye (mobile camera)
Innovation,  Start-up of the Year,  Tech for Social Change, Best Awards
in every categories including, Mobile, Cloud, Social Media, Visual
Media, Online Marketing, Security, University, VC, Gadgets, Gov. Agency

.Panel of Innovators from The International
Technology Innovators Circle will select the top 3 best nominees.

    Speakers:  We are looking for great innovators to speak at SVC. Please contact innovation6b@svconference.com asap.

Other Opportunities

For sponsoring the event / Awards, pl. call Becky Brennen at 408 800 1354 / email: becky@svconference.com

Silicon Valley Innovation Awards Nomination:

Submit an innovative product / service / company , non profit initiatives   for Silicon Valley Innovation Awards at www.svconference.com.

Silicon Valley Innovation Festival –

Silicon Valley Conference (www.svconference.com)

Silicon Valley Film Festival (www.svfilmfestival.org)


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Innovation Tree – Silicon Valley Innovation Awards

SVC Innovation Tree

The Innovation Tree


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Silicon Valley Conference 2012 – Technology Innovation Fest Events


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Silicon Valley Confernece 2012 – Categories


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First ever Silicon Valley Conference – Technology Innovation Fest , Oct. 31, Nov 1st , 2012

Silicon Valley Conference 2012

October 31 & November 1, 2012

Santa Clara Convention Center,
Santa Clara, Ca 95054. USA

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Silicon Valley and the World just lost a beautiful mind, a visionary, Steve Jobs!

Steve Jobs , The Visionary of the Tech World

‘Do you want to change the World with me?” – STEVE JOBS

Silicon Valley’s Innovator, Visionary

1955 – OCT. 5th 2011

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Vision , Mission , Objectives:

Innovations, Technologies and Entrepreneurship for a ‘Rapid Social Change’ that brings a Peaceful and Happiest ‘Tomorrow’s World’ 
Silicon Valley being the origin of many technologies and innovations that changed the lifestyle of mankind rapidly ever before in history, especially in the last 30 years. And still it is proving predominantly everyday with new start-ups and  with great  visions for ‘Tomorrow’s World’.
Silicon Valley Awards for Innovations , Technologies and Entrepreneurship  is to spread the spirit of Silicon Valley – “Technology, Innovations and  Entrepreneurship”  – to the rest of the world, that makes a great awareness for the importance of innovations for a faster social change, in every home and around the World.
Silicon Valley New Tech Expo and Conference showcase every year’s  new technologies and new innovations and provides a broad platform for international community of innovators to learn,  mentor and collaborate their visions.

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