6 Billion Tablets

A Tablet PC for every one on earth

(and possibly with a free basic wireless internet service?)

Inspire and invoke the innovation in every one with an innovative tool of this century : Tablet PC.   Enabling 6 billion people almost every one on earth to quickly adopt new technologies by providing their own  Tablet PCs . It is to foster a well connected and  highly productive society that brings a collective brain power to focus and solve greater problems globally and stop struggling alone with problems that are repeating for thousands of years.

BRAIN: The precious resource of man-kind.
The most precious thing for the human race is the ‘Brain’ – which makes it possible almost everything. The characteristics of brain is Imagination, Knowledge and Innovation in  same order  of  Analysis, Data and  Innovation.
A Brain could see 10,000 years in the past or  1000 years in the future, within seconds. From the cave man’s brain to today’s modern man’s brain, the amount of data that is being processed by the brain has been increased 100 folds or more than that. But that is not all, by looking at the speed of the technology changing now,  knowledge will be drastically improved in individuals in near future unless we are lagging behind in adopting new technologies. If the new generation, the children of today start their life with a single device , a tablet pc or a  laptop, that brings  the whole universal information into their palms in seconds. There is  no waiting for anyone or anything to learn or to find any solution. All they need to know is to Search.

The issue:
Such a powerful Brain exists in all human beings over 7 billion of them. But 90% of these most capable Brains are working hard on a self centered lives, to take care of self needs, day to day battle for food, shelter and caring own family – the things that are repeatedly faced by every man born on earth for thousands of years.

And believe it or not, innovations that made our living standards possible today are made by innovators, visionaries  and leaders less than  10% of our  population.

The World need innovations. Innovation need innovative Brains. And people need a nice tool and a push to adopt innovations and to be more innovative.

Imagine if all 7 billion brains are fired up?! We have the whole universe to explore. We have a powerful resource with all of us ‘the brain’ and now we have ‘Technology’  – a tool that is rapidly changing our World   ever before in the history .

Let’s  just ask a 5 year old kid, ‘What you want, a paper notebook and a pen or a tablet pc?’ and you very well know what the answer would be. Amazingly the simple equation known to a 5 year old , the increased productivity of this new device is a little recognized by World Leaders. We may not able to give a job for every one or food or shelter, we may not have all the money in the World for that.

But, we can provide the tool that make them to find their food, job and shelter ,create  more productivity and more innovators.

World need visionaries as leaders, who can take the World to next level. Be a visionary leader.

The Plan:

6 Billion Tablets is a campaign with a deadline and an execution plan.

Phase 1:
Collect quotes. 6 billion tablets , less than $10?
Involve all the people want to be productive
Create awareness
Analyze distribution options
Analyze use cases
Analyze Social and Legal impacts

Build the committee

Phase 2:
Raise Funding
Prepare the Governments and Leaders for the swift of a global change.

Phase 3:
Finalize Design and Price (Scalable for at least 3 – 5 years)

Phase 4:
6 billion tablet pcs in 6 billion people’s hands – a dawn of a new era.

Join us to ignite the innovation.

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