Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for   ‘Rapid Social Change’ that brings a Peaceful ,Happier and  better ‘Tomorrow’s World’ 

Technology – no more a smart people’s domain. Its making every one smarter, productive and innovative.

Silicon Valley – the land of  origin of many technologies and innovations that changed the lifestyle of mankind rapidly than ever before in history, especially in the last 30 years. And still it is proving predominantly everyday with new start-ups and  with great  visions for ‘Tomorrow’s World’.

The Silicon Valley Innovation Awards , Conference and Expo  is a mission to bring together the innovators, entrepreneurs, visionary leaders of Silicon Valley and the World , annually in Silicon Valley to celebrate the technology revolution it has created in the past 30 years, from the HP garage to transistors, silicon chips, personal computers, internet, email, e-commerce and payments, digital media, websites and portals, wireless, broadband, search engine, social networking , mobile devices and till today’s google glass and everything in between.

Silicon Valley Innovation Awards for Technology Innovations  and Entrepreneurship  is to spread the spirit of Silicon Valley – “Technology, Innovations and  Entrepreneurship”  – to the rest of the world, that makes a great awareness for the importance of innovations for a faster social change, in every day men and women , in every home and around the World.

Silicon Valley New Tech Expo and Conference brings World technology innovators under one roof at Silicon Valley  every year and  creates a global technology awareness and a common vision for the future. The Expo showcases every year’s  new technologies and new innovations and provides a broad platform for international community of technology innovators to show, share, learn,  mentor and collaborate their visions with  rest of the World.

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